Michgan Statewide School Infrastructure


 “Rightsizing of Schools Districts:” to become a community planning priority.

Michigan “statewide” has too many school buildings and will need to “downsize” school building infrastructure……….

Michigan’s school infrastructure capacity – the physical buildings are more than needed for current and near-term student enrollment.  During the period of 2000 to 2030, Michigan K-12 population is projected to decrease by 151,250  students or 7.9% while nationally K-12 population is projected to grow by 15.7%.

Calculations completed  by the author and colleagues from the nationally known school architectural design firm Fanning/Howey Solutions Group, for a January 2009 published article in Planning and Zoning News estimates an over capacity approximating  6,000 classrooms. 

Anticipated statewide K-12 population loss indicates 142 school districts will lose between 10-15% student population, 97 will lose between 16-25% student population  and another 21 between 26-50% student population.

The impact of school closing will have a deep and substantial impact upon community future planning.

See attached  Planing and Zoning News  “Is Your Community Ready to Address Excess School Facilities?”  for more.

Chuck Eckenstahler

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